New composition: “Jazz, Happens!” by Lionel Lyles

“Jazz, Happens!”

By Lionel Lyles

December 2020

[Charts here: score, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, drums] [Recording here]

In late 2018 I was afforded the opportunity and privilege to join a newly formed initiative named “The DC Jazz Collective.” The Collective is an assortment of diverse musicians that are brought together to be ambassadors for Jazz music in Washington D.C. In 2019, the Collective traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to tour the city and participate in the “Thailand International Jazz Conference” (TIJC) at Mahidol University. While in Bangkok, one of the stops we performed at was a jazz club named “Jazz Happens!”. This is a regular jam session spot for the local community as well as jazz students of the nearby universities. For me, the experience of opening the session that night with a set of original music and compositions was an incredible one. The fellowship and music was so amazing and authentic. People came out really supported the event. From my time there and especially at “Jazz Happens!” I was inspired to compose this song. “Jazz, Happens!” because….JAZZ HAPPENED!!! I hope you enjoy my musical interpretation of that evening.